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Omsorg under bruk av mekanisk tvang i tvungent psykisk helsevern

TittelOmsorg under bruk av mekanisk tvang i tvungent psykisk helsevern
År for utgivelse2019
ForfattereHustad, EAndrea Kvi
InstitusjonHøgskulen på Vestlandet, bachelor i vernepleie
Type of WorkBachelor Thesis
Other NumbersSIS-kode: 203 BVP331 1 H 2019 VÅR
NøkkelordTvangsbehandling, Tvangsinnleggelser, Tvangsmidler

Mechanical restraint is one of the most interventional measures you can do to patients during involuntary psychiatric care. In this bachelor, I have selected this following issue: “How can the social educator provide best possible care in cases where mechanical restraints are used during involuntary psychiatric treatment?”. I have used qualitative interviews as method in my project. I have also been searching for literature about psychiatric care and the use of coercion in this field. In my results I have found a lot of factors that may affect the experiences from the procedure. Giving information during the procedure, physical presence and debriefing is some of the factors that is crucial for psychiatric patients experiences during the mechanical restraint situation. I have also discussed my results from my interview and from my included article «Research article - Psychiatric patients experiences with mechanical restraints: An interview study». In addition to that, I have also included literature from separate books. In the end I want to give a conclusion and a summary of my bachelor.


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