TittelShould Dignity be Compromised?- Contextualizing the Relation Between Coercive Treatment and Dignity, from the Perspective of Persons with Experience from Norwegian Mental Health Care Facilities.
År for utgivelse2018
ForfattereRehman, M
InstitusjonUniversitetet i Sør-Norge
Nøkkelordcoercive treatment, Dignity, human rights

Research reveals that there is a lack of studies done from the perspective of people with experience from mental health care facilities, regarding their perception of coercive treatment. International legislation justifies human rights through the concept of human dignity, which lays a foundation for its’ relevance in this study. International organisations also advocate for reducing the enforcement of coercive treatment in mental health care facilities. This research project examines the possible impact coercive treatment may have on the dignity of persons in mental health care treatment, seen from their own perspective. The study explores relevant academic literature on the topic of coercion and develop an understanding of dignity through selected elements of Kantian- inspired theories. The relation between coercive treatment and dignity is further discussed to answer the research questions. By illustrating the situation of persons, through their own perspective, the study aims to give them a voice in decision making regarding the coercive treatment that are enforced upon them.


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