TittelOutpatient commitment in mental health services from a municipal view
PublikasjonstypeFagfellevurderte artikler
År for utgivelse2020
ForfattereLøvsletten, M, Husum, TL, Granerud, A, Haug, E
JournalInt. Journal of Law and Psychiatry
Date Published03/2020
NøkkelordCommunity Treatment Order, CTO, kommune, Outpatient commitment, primærhelsetjeneste, TUD, Tvungent psykisk helsevern uten døgnopphold


Outpatient commitment (OC) is a legal decision for compulsory mental health care when the patient stays in his or her own home. Municipal health-care workers have a key role for patients with OC decision, but little is known about how the legislation system with OC works from the municipality's point of view.


The present study has a quantitative descriptive design using an electronic questionnaire sent to health-care workers in the municipalities that participated. The study included health-care workers from the mental health services in two counties in Norway who have experience with psychosis and OC decisions.


There were 230 people who received the questionnaire. The sample consisted of various health professionals from both small and large municipalities.The results show which tasks they have in follow-up of patients in the municipalities.


From the municipality's point of view, there are no significant differences in follow-up for patients with or without an OC decision, apart from conversations about medication. An individual plan is rarely used to facilitate follow-up, although this is the statutory right of patients with OC decisions. The health-care workers lack knowledge and education about the OC scheme. The cooperation between municipalities and the specialist health-care services is not clearly defined.


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