TittelRelasjonens virkning: Bruk av terapeutisk relasjon i tvangsbehandling
PublikasjonstypeAndre vitenskapelige arbeider
År for utgivelse2020
ForfattereTellefsen, RF, Midtbø, MK
Date Published05/2020
Library/ArchiveHøgskulen på Vestlandet, bachelor i sykepleie
Type of WorkBachelor Thesis
NøkkelordCoercion, involuntary treatment, mental disorders, nurse-patient relationship, psychiatric illness, psychiatric patient



Many people will experience dealing with a psychiatric illness at some point throughout their lives, some will also experience coercive measures in their treatment. How can nurses create a good therapeutic relationship to those patients? And does it increase the chance of a better treatment outcome for the patient?


Research on literature before the analysis suggests that the therapeutic relationship does not only affect the person itself, it can also have an impact on their treatment outcome. Communication is suggested as an important part on making a positive change.


This paper is a literature search and a bachelor thesis in nursing. The search for articles was performed with the help of a PICO-model on following databases: Cinahl, Medline, Pscychinfo, and Svemed+. The analysis consists of 5 qualitative studies and 1 systematic literature search found through a citation search on Google Scholar.


Through the analysis there were found 4 underlying subjects; anatomy, trust and teamwork, the therapeutic relationships impact, perceptions and expectations of staff, and coercive measures evaluation.


Verbal and nonverbal communication skills seemed to be important in the treatment as well as listening to the patients for a positive therapeutic relationship. Safety and respect were both mentioned as a way of meeting the patients’ needs in context of the therapeutic relationship and treatment. A common ground about coercive measures seemed to matter, and the therapeutic relationship was especially important to secure good treatment using these measures.


Nurses can use their communication skills as a tool and the therapeutic relationship needs to be built on respect, safety, trust and a common ground to make a positive outcome in treatment with involuntary measures. Some areas discussed needs further research.

Keywords Coercion, involuntary treatment, mental disorders, psychiatric patient, psychiatric illness, nurse-patient relationship.

Etiketttvangsmidler, tvangsinnleggelse, etikk

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