TittelOmsorg under bruk av mekanisk tvang innen psykisk helsevern
År for utgivelse2021
ForfattereMiranda, G, Lind, MGabrielle
InstitusjonHøgskulen på Vestlandet, bachelor i vernepleie
Type of WorkBacheloroppgave
Other Numbershttps://hdl.handle.net/11250/2761647
Nøkkelordbelter, Mekaniske tvangsmidler, omsorg

Within mental health care, there are several coercive measures. We have chosen to focus on mechanical restraint, which can be seen as the most intrusive coercive measure patients can experience. Therefore, our issue was the following: ’’How can the social worker provide the best possible care to the patient in situations where mechanical restraint is used during mental health care’’. In this task the user perspective is the main focus. As methods we searched for literature on the issue and used qualitative interviews.

Using these methods, we found many factors that affect the experience of mechanical restraint. This included communication, presence, recognition, respect, understanding and empathy from staff who were in the situation with them. We have discussed the results from our selected article: «Variables Associated With the Subjective Experience of Coercive Measures in Psychiatric Inpatients: A Systematic Review». We have also used various literature books. Finally, we will provide a summary and conclusion.


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