TittelProtocol for the Lovisenberg Open Acute Door Study (LOADS): a pragmatic randomised controlled trial to compare safety and coercion between open-door policy and usual-care services in acute psychiatric inpatients
PublikasjonstypeFagfellevurderte artikler
År for utgivelse2022
ForfattereKunøe, N, Nussle, HMartin, Indregard, A-M
JournalBMJ open
Date Published02/2022
Nøkkelordadult psychiatry; medical ethics; organisation of health services; schizophrenia & psychotic disorders; suicide & self-harm, åpen dør, LOADS, Lovisenberg

Introduction: The reduction of coercion in psychiatry is a high priority for both the WHO and many member countries. Open-door policy (ODP) is a service model for psychiatric ward treatment that prioritises collaborative and motivational measures to better achieve acute psychiatric safety - and treatment objectives. Keeping the ward main door open is one such measure. Evidence on the impact of ODP on coercion and violent events is mixed, and only one randomised controlled trial (RCT) has previously compared ODP to standard practice. The main objectives of the Lovisenberg Open Acute Door Study (LOADS) are to implement and evaluate a Nordic version of ODP for acute psychiatric inpatient services. The evaluation is designed as a pragmatic RCT with treatment-as-usual (TAU) control followed by a 4-year observational period.

Methods and analysis: In this 12-month pragmatic randomised trial, all patients referred to acute ward care will be randomly allocated to either TAU or ODP wards. The primary outcome is the proportion of patient stays with one or more coercive measures. Secondary outcomes include adverse events involving patients and/or staff, substance use and users' experiences of the treatment environment and of coercion. The main hypothesis is that ODP services will not be inferior to state-of-the art psychiatric treatment. ODP and TAU wards are determined via ward-level randomisation. Following conclusion of the RCT, a longitudinal observational phase begins designed to monitor any long-term effects of ODP.

Ethics and dissemination: The trial has been approved by the Regional Committees for Medical and Health Research Ethics (REC) in Norway (REC South East #29238), who granted LOADS exemption from consent requirements for all eligible, admitted patients. Data are considered highly sensitive but can be made available on request. Results will be published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at scientific conferences and meetings.

Trial registration number: ISRCTN16876467.

Protocol version: 1.4, 21 December 2021.

Keywords: adult psychiatry; medical ethics; organisation of health services; schizophrenia & psychotic disorders; suicide & self-harm.


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