TittelSubstance abuse and recovery in a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit
PublikasjonstypeFagfellevurderte artikler
År for utgivelse2006
Forfatterevaaler, arne, Morken, G, Fløvig, JChr, Iversen, VC, Linaker, OM
JournalGen Hospital Psychiatry
Date Published02/2006
Type of ArticleDoktorgradsavhandling
Nøkkelordpicu, rop, rus, Seclusion, Skjerming

Objectives: The purpose of this study is to compare the development in symptoms, behaviors, function and treatment between patients with or without a substance use (SU) diagnose in a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

Methods: A total of 118 admitted patients were assessed at admittance, day 3 and discharge from the PICU. Symptoms of psychopathology, therapeutic steps taken, violent episodes and length of patient stay were recorded.

Results: More males than females received an SU diagnosis. Substance use patients had less psychiatric symptoms at admittance and showed a faster symptom reduction, more favorable and faster improvement of function and a shorter length of stay. Except for symptom reduction and shorter length of stay, these differences were largely due to differences in sex and diagnoses in the two groups.

Conclusion: In a naturalistic group of patients in a PICU, SU is associated with favorable outcomes compared to patients not using substances.


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